Mail-In Ballot FAQs

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Here are answers to some of the questions I’ve received so far based on my calls with election officials at the County Board of Elections
  1. What happens if I tore the certificate off of my envelope?
    As you can see in my instructional video, the mail-in ballot contains two envelopes. The ballot goes in the first (with a voter certification and then that goes in a larger envelope to mail back. If the certification rips off, simply put it with the smaller envelope inside the larger envelope. Do NOT attempt to tape it back.

  2. What happens if my family is away and cannot sign their ballot?
    In America: If the registered Teaneck voter is America (e.g. sheltering in place in NY or FL), they must obtain and sign the physical ballot.
    Outside America: If the registered Teaneck Voter is sheltering in place overseas (e.g. gap year program or in Europe), there is a Federal Program called the Federal Post Card Application (FCPA) available at where you may apply for and vote electronically.
  3. What happens if my application doesn’t arrive at the County by May 14th?
    The date for acceptance of ballots is set by the State and the County Board of Elections does not have discretion to move the deadline.  Ballots may be brought to the county, but the building is not open to the general public and an appointment must be made in advance.
  4. What happens if I damage or throw away my ballot?
    You may call the County Board of Elections at (201) 336-7020.  They are capable of generating and sending a new ballot, but you must call with enough time for it to arrive.  The clerk suggests at least 6 days in advance.
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