East Tryon Avenue Traffic Study and Police Reports

The Teaneck Police Department was asked to conduct a report as to traffic and safety on East Tryon Avenue (between Teaneck Road and Crescent Avenue).

Here are the findings:

On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Traffic Bureau was asked to conduct a speed survey on East Tryon Avenue between Teaneck Road and Crescent Avenue. This request was prompted by an East Tryon Avenue resident that was concerned about a speeding problem. The resident stated their concerns in an email to Councilman Keith Kaplan.

A site survey determined that East Tryon Avenue between Teaneck Road and Crescent Avenue is a twenty-five mile per hour two-lane roadway that runs east and west. It is a residential neighborhood that typically sees a large volume of vehicular traffic. It is commonly used as a thoroughfare from Teaneck Road to the City of Englewood. Parking is allowed only on the southern side of the roadway.

On Friday, September 4, 2020, PO William Brittingham placed the Speed Sentry traffic analyzer in front of 35 East Tryon Avenue, to collect data from vehicles traveling eastbound towards Crescent Avenue.

The results of the covert eastbound study, which spanned from 9/4/20 through 9/11/20, indicated that the average speed of vehicles detected was 26 MPH.  Over the course of the study, 13,367 vehicles were detected by the traffic analyzer, an average volume of 2,227 vehicles per day heading eastbound. The 85th percentile speed was recorded at 31 MPH. Of the 13,367 vehicles detected, 366 were exceeding the speed limit at speeds between 11 MPH and 15 MPH over the speed limit, 14 vehicles detected were exceeding the speed limit at speeds between 16 MPH and 20 MPH over the speed limit.

After reviewing the data obtained by the traffic study, it appears that there is a slight overage from the posted speed as opposed to the 85th percentile speed which was revealed to be 31 MPH. The average speed was recorded at 26 MPH. I believe that some vehicles are exceeding the speed limit at times, but that it is not an excessive speeding problem. The Traffic Bureau will place the message board with radar on East Tryon Avenue for one week, to educate motorists of the posted speed and their current speed. As a follow-up, we will conduct radar enforcement to ensure adherence to the posted speed limit.  I have also requested that a 25 MPH speed limit sign be installed across from Crescent Avenue for westbound traffic. East Tryon Avenue was also just recently repaved. To address the complaint of vehicles being sideswiped, the Teaneck. Engineering Division had the eastbound lane extended further away from the parked vehicles. This was accomplished by adding a solid painted line to identify where vehicles should be parked. They then increased the lane width from the solid painted line to the double yellow line, making it easier to navigate the curvature in the roadway safely. The Traffic Bureau and the Engineering Division will continue to monitor the area to determine the effectiveness of the road marking enhancements.


You can view the Extended Speed Summary Report  and Volume By Speed Report here:
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