Message from Police Chief O’Reilly

A Message from Police Chief Glenn M. O’Reilly and the Men and Women of the Teaneck Police Department.

The images of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis are deeply disturbing.  We as a Department and individually as human beings are horrified by the footage of Mr. Floyd’s death at the hands of someone sworn to uphold the law and serve a community.

As the township manager expressed, there is NO PLACE FOR BIGOTRY AND HATE IN TEANECK, or anywhere else in our society. There is NO PLACE anywhere to abuse another human being.

Law Enforcement in New Jersey is committed to a criminal justice system that is fair, transparent, and free of bias. The Attorney General has rolled out a sweeping set of statewide policy reforms, known as the Excellence in Policing Initiative, to promote the culture of professionalism, accountability, and transparency that are hallmarks of New Jersey’s best law enforcement agencies.

The men and women of the Teaneck Police Department are committed to serving our community, our partners, with fairness, sincerity, dignity and respect.

We condemn such actions when an officer uses violent force against civilians without justification.  They are wrong. They do a disservice to the vast majority of law enforcement officers committed to upholding the highest standards of the profession.

We cannot tolerate those who stain the profession and promote hate and distrust amongst our communities. We stand with our community, other law enforcement officials, public officials and peaceful protestors across the country to make clear that abusive police practices will not be tolerated anywhere.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family of George Floyd and the citizens of Minnesota during this difficult time.