Contact Information for Township Officials

Township related issues may be sent to:

Dean Kazinci Township Manager
Doug Ruccione Township Clerk

Township Council:

James Dunleavy Mayor
Elie Y. Katz Deputy Mayor katz07666@teanecknj,gov
Mark J. Schwartz Deputy Mayor
Keith Kaplan Councilman
Karen Orgen Councilwoman
Michael Pagan Councilman
Gervonn Romney Rice Councilwoman

School related issues may be sent to:

Dr. Christopher Irving Superintendent of Schools
Terry Corallo Chief of Staff

Board of Education:

Sebastian Rodriguez President
Linda Burns Vice President
Harold Clark Trustee
Damen Cooper Trustee
Danielle Gee Trustee
Sarah Rappoport Trustee
Gerald Reiner Trustee
Denise Sanders Trustee