Reminder: Do Not Bring Weapons To Meetings

Sometimes, it appears that you need to say the little things, so please… do NOT be like Layla Graham, and do NOT bring a weapon to the Council meeting this evening.

Meeting Info for May 21, 2024:

  • Agenda:
  • Zoom: (Passcode: 651745)
  • Cable (ch. 77) or FiOS (ch. 47)
  • Youtube (TBD) or Web:

For those unaware, you can watch what transpired at the prior meeting here:

Layla Graham appeared for her first appearance (CJP) in Bergen County Superior Court on May 13th.

Her next scheduled appearance is June 11th at 9am before Criminal Judge Marc Ramundo.

Amanda Kearney’s first appearance is set for tomorrow, May 22nd (also before Criminal Judge Marc Ramundo) at 9am.

UPDATE: Amanda Kearney’s first appearance was postponed to June 11th at 9a before Criminal Judge Marc Ramundo.

If you wish to attend, please note that all criminal appearances are listed for 9am, so there may be some waiting involved.
The Courtroom is in Building 3 on the fourth floor, room 401.

The State of New Jersey v. Layla M. Graham:


The State of New Jersey v. Amanda R. Kearney:


Case Summary Information:


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