6/7/24 Update re: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Councilwoman Denise Belcher

As mentioned in a previous post, on March 28th I filed an Ethics Complaint against Councilwoman Denise Belcher regarding an Application for a zoning variance before the Township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Since Teaneck dissolved our local ethics board, the Complaint is adjudicated by the Local Government Division of the Local Finance Board.

The first step in resolving these types of complaints is to meet and determine if it’s frivolous or whether the allegations merit review.  As per Counsel at the LFB, that happened today and as per the letter they just sent:

“Please be advised that it is the Board’s practice and intent to conduct a thorough investigation of the allegations presented. The Board’s staff is processing your complaint at this time and will, subsequently, present it to the Board for review and authorization of any necessary action. The Board will correspond with you as soon as a determination is made in this matter.”

Translation: It is not dismissed as frivolous.

You can read the complaint here: LFB Complaint #24-013

You can read the letter here: Letter from Local Finance Board dated June 6, 2024.

2024-06-07_Response from LFB (24-013)


Ethics Complaint Filed Against Councilwoman Denise Belcher

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