Regional Symposium on Deer Management

Earlier this month, elected officials and mayors from the region met to discuss deer management at a regional symposium featuring wildlife biologists from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Read: Englewood Deer Task Force Final Report 2019

Coverage of the event can be found here:
Deer Dilemma Forum: Lethal vs. Non-Lethal Options Discussed
Additional coverage: Pascack Press.

Here is a video of the presentation from last December and the slides from the 6/5/19 presentation can be found below. Continue reading “Regional Symposium on Deer Management”

Trash Talking in Teaneck [Part 1: incorporation to 1960’s]

Private vs Municipal Collection of Garbage

It’s a perennial topic of conversation.  There are those that can’t stand the noise.  More that can’t stand the environmental impact.  And yet even more that can’t stand the prices.

So, what should be done about garbage in town?  I decided to see what we’ve done in the past.

Here’s a deep dive into garbage:

People were always unhappy with garbage collection efforts

Teaneck had very few people when we moved to our council form of Government (~16,000), and even as late as the 40’s, it was only about 25,000.

Yet, as early as March, 1948, records indicate that residents complained about the unsightly nature of municipal garbage pickups. Continue reading “Trash Talking in Teaneck [Part 1: incorporation to 1960’s]”