Save the Date: Teaneck Council Reorganization on July 2, 2018

On Monday, July 2, 2018 at 6:30 pm, the Teaneck Council will hold the semi-annual reorganization meeting at the Teaneck Town Hall.
We will be swearing in Gervonn Romney Rice, Elie Y. Katz, Keith Kaplan & Jim Dunleavy.

In addition, Council will elect the Mayor & Deputy Mayors, among others.

For those that may not be familiar with the way the Teaneck Council operates, I’d like to offer some additional information:

How does our system work?
Teaneck utilizes the Council-Manager form of Government under the Faulkner Act.  What that means in practice is that residents choose their council-members “at-large” (i.e. you vote for everyone, as opposed to a ward system like neighboring Englewood) and the Council as a body, once elected and seated, chooses a mayor from among the council-members (as opposed to municipalities where the Mayor runs separately). Continue reading “Save the Date: Teaneck Council Reorganization on July 2, 2018”

Township Council Meeting on June 19th [with video]

This is the beginning of a series of posts that will help to explain what is going on during Township meetings for the benefit of the public. Please also feel free to join our Facebook group for discussion on these and other issues.

Tonight, the Town Council will meet for the last time before the July reorganization meeting.  One of the items on the agenda are five ordinances to be heard during the “Public Hearing And Adoption Of Ordinances” part of the meeting.

There’s been some discussion online about these ordinances, recently.  For the benefit of the public, here is some information regarding the ordinances and what they change.

Continue reading “Township Council Meeting on June 19th [with video]”

Teaneck Today

Teaneck is a town with a unique and proud history. I’ve created this blog to provide a place to exchange ideas and share visions for how to solve the challenges facing the town in a manner that brings diverse groups of people together.  Contributors are welcome.

Please join us and help Teaneck live up to its promise.

I also created a Facebook Group where residents can bring up and discuss topics about the Township: Teaneck Today

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