Leonia Road Closures – Round 2

After having their previous ordinance invalidated by a superior court judge in August, Leonia has passed a new set of revised ordinances aimed at closing their streets to non-residents every morning and evening.

The judge in the case granted the Attorney General’s motion for summary judgement because the law would affect on traffic on state roads such as Route 93/Grand Avenue and Route 46/Bergen Boulevard, but Leonia had not received approval from the DOT as required by NJSA 39:4-8(a). However, Leonia Mayor Judah Zeigler released a statement afterwards indicating that the judge’s opinion affirmed Leonia’s right to pass the ordinance if done properly.

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Mosquito Control Event – Street Treatment [Update]

The Bergen County Mosquito Control Division will be conducting an area treatment in the area shown below. Such treatment will be applied this Friday, September 21, 2018, weather permitting. In the event of rain, the treatment will be rescheduled for Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Bergen County Mosquito Control informed us that they have received almost 700 calls from residents in Teaneck requesting treatment in their area. The County regularly tests areas and when Bergen County Mosquito Control tested several areas in the treatment area, all of them indicated positive for the West Nile Virus. Spraying in the treatment area will effectively reduce the exposure of the West Nile Virus to residents.

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Illustrating the Agenda

Almost exactly one year ago, I found an anonymous note on my door from a concerned resident warning me about an impending zoning change to the township-owned property behind my house. Although Teaneck had done their legal duty in telling the public about this rezoning, it had never come to my attention before that in part because the property was referenced by tax lots, which at the time meant nothing to me.

As a result, I’m planning to start making maps of properties that may be affected by upcoming changes implemented by Teaneck’s government, as given by council, zoning and planning board agendas. Where possible, links to supporting documentation will be included. One can then easily see what is planned near their house, even if they don’t get a personal notice about it.

See here for a map of properties mentioned in the upcoming 5/29 council meeting agenda.

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