Leaf Collection: when will this pile get taken?

As of today, December 3, 2018:
  • The Department of Public Works is currently running 8 crews (four crews are operating north of Route 4 & four crews are operating south of Route 4) (see map below).
  • The crews south of Route 4 are working in zone 4 (green area on map below) today and tomorrow.
  • The crews north of Route 4 are finishing up with zone 7 (blue area on map below), and will be starting zone 8 (red area on map below) tomorrow.
  • When the south of Rt. 4 crews are done with zone 4 (green area on map below), they will assist with work in zone 8 (red area on map below) which should be completed by Friday, December 7.
At that point, four cleanups will have been completed in each Zone.
Residents have until December 9th to rake leaves to the curb.
The DPW will make their 5th and final pass starting Monday, December 10th.