Holy Name’s CEO to neighbors: Nice streets you got there…

… it would be a shame if anything were to happen to them.

Holy Name hospital sent out the letter below to residents regarding the parking disputes with neighbors.

Starting a few years ago, Holy Name began requiring employees to park off-site and take shuttles to the hospital.

“Street parking around the hospital is creating difficulties for many neighbors. Holy Name, being very conscious of our mandate to be an understanding and supporting neighbor instituted a No Street Parking Policy for all our employees and contractors several years ago. We currently have over 300 employees parking at the Glenpointe and we are shuttling these employees from the Glenpointe to the hospital. We have also instructed all employees not to use the Township streets to park their vehicles. Hospital employees found in violation of this policy have been disciplined and even terminated.”

However, due to costs constraints, they chose to abandon plans (which were approved by the township) for parking structures, in favor of purchasing residential lots and creating parking areas in the residential zones — to the dissatisfaction of many neighbors.

“Structured parking like garages has become very expensive, costing roughly $30,000 per space, where surface parking can be achieved for significantly less, about $3,000 per space.”

The hospital was cited by the township, with a court date pending, later this week.

The hospital also entered into negotiations with neighbors, in the hopes of a mutually agreeable resolution.

In response to negotiations, the hospital has now stated:

“Unfortunately, some of your neighbors on Grange Road have been fighting this temporary solution. As a result of those complaints, we have received a citation from the Township and are scheduled to appear in court on January 9th. At that time, it is possible that this temporary parking solution will be found to be improper by the court, even though we contend it is not. With no other alternative available, such a determination would result in the spillage of vehicles onto the streets by employees and others. In times of high volume, our patients would be forced to park on residential streets, having exhausted all available spots on our property.

We hope that Holy Name’s temporary solution will be able to continue, in advance of our permanent parking solution. We will be submitting a plan to the Township on January 6 for a surface lot with attractive perimeter landscaping on our own property, which will provide a long term parking solution. If not, we anticipate that the outcome will exacerbate the parking problem that exists in Teaneck.”

You can see the plans here:

2019-12-31_Letter from HNH to neighbors

This letter from neighbors (and attachments) shows the history of the issues.

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  1. The hospital needs to offer complimentary valet….make the valet drivers Shuttle back from the glenpointe.

    1. As part ot the agreement, when the hospital came before the Planning Board for a new facility in 2017, they agreed to have valet and discuss the need with zoning officials before terminating the service.

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