Keith Kaplan: Please join me in support of Martin Ramirez and Yassine Elkaryani for BOE on 11/5

On November 5th, please join me in supporting incumbent Board of Education Trustee Martin Ramirez (Column 3) and Yassine Elkaryani (Column 5).

Vote for Team #RAMirez🐏 and #ELKaryani🦌 on November 5th!

As a child of a public school teacher, I’ve always been taught the importance of a strong and vibrant school system.

As a product of the NJ public schools, I am the beneficiary of those strong schools and understand the need to maintain scholastic excellence.

But perhaps most important of all, as a parent of a child in our public schools, I have the same vested interest we all should, in ensuring that our kids have the benefit of those best capable of stewarding the school system into the future.

Marty Ramirez and Yassine Elkaryani have the passion, expertise and dedication necessary to confront “#LikeWeHaveAlwaysDoneIt policy-making” and kick-start a productive conversation for long-needed changes.  Changes that will enhance our children’s experiences in the classroom, without sacrificing services.

This is an important election. It is a referendum on whether the old ways, which have proven unsuccessful for far too many of our students, should be further entrenched — or it can be an opportunity for voices of those dedicated to our students’ well-being.

Check out the platforms of Mr. Ramirez and Mr. Elkaryani and please join me in sending them to the School Board on November 5th.

Keith Kaplan

Parent, Resident, Taxpayer.