Administrative Order 2020-15 [Libraries and more]

Good news for readers!  Administrative Order 2020-15 now allows for library book pickup (curbside).
The following is merely an excerpt of what is found in the order.  Please review the actual order below for all legal requirements.


  • All outdoor spaces may reopen
  • All municipal, County, State public libraries and all libraries at public and private colleges / universities are permitted to reopen (subject to requirements)
    • Curbside pickup / drop-off
    • Transactions handled in advance by phone / email
    • Employees will bring materials out
  • (read AO 2020-15 for complete list)


Under certain conditions parents and students can enter schools to retrieve belongings (read AO 2020-15 for complete list).

Real Estate Open Houses

Permitted (subject to requirements of EO 152)

Essential Small Businesses

Essential Business Rules in EO 122 now apply to:

  • Bicycle shops;
  • Boat dealerships;
  • Car and Used Car Dealerships;
  • Farming equipment stores;
  • Federal Firearms Licensees;
  • Livestock feed stores;
  • Mobile phone retail and repair shops;
  • Motorcycle dealerships; and
  • Nurseries and garden centers.

Car Washes

  • Permitted to Operate pursuant to requirements in EO 122

Yard Sales

Municipalities now have discretion to impose additional restrictions to private sales authorized by EO 152 and in compliance with the rules of EO 108.

Private Tutoring

  • The share tutoring spaces remain closed

Event Planning

In addition, the following can permit tours of facilities for event-planning (by appointment only and subject to requirements):

  • restaurants
  • cafeterias
  • dining establishments
  • food courts
  • bars
  • public and private social clubs
  • indoor recreational and entertainment businesses
Administrative Order Libraries & Other Businesses