[UPDATE] Above Ground Pool Information [update #1]

As I mentioned in the previous post, many residents have requested information about above-ground pools in light of COVID-19 altering summer plans.

In the past few weeks, I had meetings with the manager, the zoning subcommittee, the building department supervisor and code officials.

Note that fence and setback requirements represent serious and potentially deadly safety issues.  While a permit is not required, you must comply with them.

Here’s the latest:

Temporary Pools (no standing water)

  • No permits will be required for temporary pools that will be emptied at the end of each day.

(However, they must still comply with regulations., including fence and setback requirements. — see below)

Temporary pools (standing water)

If water is to be left in the pool, even if it’s a temporary pool, a permit will be required and must comply with regulations. The manager has agreed to waive the $80.00 permit fee.
Regulations include:

  • Pool shall be 8′ from side and rear property lines
  • Pool shall be 10′ from the building
  • A fence or barrier is required. The fence shall be a minimum of 20” from the water line. The fence shall be a minimum of 48” high and be nonclimbable.
  • The gate must swing out and have the latch operator at 54” minimum. If using a mesh fence, it shall be installed on a hard surface and installed per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • There should be no metal frame work on the pool; otherwise this will require Electrical bonding.
    • Typically, the filter comes with a 25′ cord and must plug into a GFI outlet. Any work needed to install a GFI outlet will require an Electric Permit. No extension cords are permitted.
    • If a fence needs to be installed a Zoning permit is required. Please contact the Township’s Building Department for additional guidance.

Permanent Pools

Standard permit requirements apply.  Seek further information from the building department.


Storable pools