Election Results: November 2022

The “unofficial” results from the town are below.

Note: These do not include Early Voting or VBM, which will be added in by the County (not all numbers are yet available on their site).

But the “live” numbers (available here) seem to include the early voting totals.  Based on this data, it would appear that at least 3 of the challengers (Danielle Gee, Denise Belcher, and Hillary Goldberg) will join Mark Schwartz, Karen Orgen, and Mike Pagan on Council next year — with Elie Y. Katz returning for another term.

[page will be updated as more numbers become available]

Congratulations to all the winners, and I hope you will continue to represent all of the residents, businesses and others here in Teaneck.

Update (1:40pm)

It appears that these numbers reflect the County’s Early Voting and VBM (as received, some may keep coming in for a few days).

Congratulations to the Council-Members elect and Elie Y. Katz and congratulations to both the the returning and new BOE members.

We have many issues ahead of us.  May you all serve with distinction.

UPDATE: Spreadsheet has been updated to reflect totals as of 2022-11-18


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