Mayor’s Statement on Referendum Questions 1 and 2

Mayor’s Statement on Referendum Questions 1 and 2:

November 4, 2021

It is now clear that the majority of township voters who cast their ballots on November 2, 2021 chose to move our Council elections from May to November. Voters also voted in the majority to have the township pursue energy aggregation opportunities for our residents. Thus, the 2022 council elections will convert to Bergen County control in November, rather than the traditional month of May.

As for energy aggregation, we will begin discussions with our town manager to map out the process needed to undertake and find the best possible program for our residents. I will ask for patience though, as this cannot happen until we get consultation, and review the aggregation market to see what is best for Teaneck.

The Township’s purchasing agent will need to advertise and solicit bids through the RFP process for energy aggregation services on behalf of our residents and businesses. Public notice will allow nonresidential energy consumers to opt into the program and residential customers to opt out. The program must show it will help improve New Jersey’s air quality and public health, while reducing harmful climate pollution and decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels.

So, it is now time for Teaneck to once again come together and move forward as we work to build a stronger, better township.

Warmest regards,
Dr. James Dunleavy

Mayor, Township of Teaneck