Rodda Center POD to Close on June 27th

After a very successful six month operation, the Richard Rodda Center COVID-19 vaccination site will close on June 27, 2021. Since opening in early January, this incredible vaccination site administered well over 100,000 doses of vaccine which saved many lives across the State.

This remarkable achievement could not have been attained if it wasn’t for the hard work of staff from Holy Name Medical Center, the Township of Teaneck, our private sector partners, as well as our community members who visited these sites to get vaccinated.

Now that vaccine supply has caught up with demand, getting vaccinated is easier than ever. In areas where mass vaccination sites are closing, there will still be multiple vaccine providers nearby that will continue to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. People can visit the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub for help finding vaccination sites in your area.

Holy Name Medical Center, located at 718 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, New Jersey, will continue to provide first and second doses of the vaccine at the hospital facility after June 27, 2021. Anyone unvaccinated can register for the first dose of the vaccine by visiting

I encourage all eligible unvaccinated Township residents to register for your first dose of the vaccine while the Richard Rodda Center remains open. After June 27, 2021, first and second doses of the vaccine will be administered at Holy Name Hospital.

The vaccination is a safe and effective way to prevent disease and save lives – now more than ever. When we get vaccinated, we aren’t just protecting ourselves, but also those around us. Let’s continue to keep our community safe by getting vaccinated!

Thank you for your continued cooperation, support, and patience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dean B. Kazinci
Township Manager