The Future Former Administration of the Teaneck BOE

If you missed it while you were poolside or having bbq and watching the fireworks, I’d completely understand.

While most of us were celebrating the 4th of July, the BOE sent out a notice informing the public that a special meeting would be held tonight, July 7th.

The notice, says:
There will be only one item for discussion this evening (TBD) and public participation (virtual/live) will be kept to 1 hour. Formal action may be taken.

So, that’s…. informative?

Rumors started swirling, almost immediately.  Some said the Superintendent, who was just granted a five-year contract last year, would be tossed out.

Turns out, the rumors were accurate:


That’s still unknown.

Today, the Agenda for the meeting has been updated.  You can read it here.

Still nothing about the District’s Business Administrator leaving to go to Edison, NJ as reported here:

Edison School Board moves to hire new Business Administrator
Edison:  At its meeting last night, the Edison Township Board of Education took the first step to hire a new Business Administrator/ Board Secretary.  The Board approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to hire Melissa Simmons as their new School Business Administrator/Board Secretary.  Mrs. Simmons is currently working in the Teaneck School District in the same capacity.

But maybe in the future, we will be told, officially.  Tonight, the one and only agenda item is:

Be It Resolved, that the Teaneck Board of Education approves the following Board Operations:

  1. The Teaneck Board of Education (“Board”) hereby places Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Christopher Irving, on a paid Leave of Absence, effective immediately; and The Board hereby appoints Ms. Angela R. Davis, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services to serve as the Board’s Acting Superintendent of Schools, effective immediately, pending the Board’s appointment of an Interim Superintendent of Schools; and
    The Board hereby authorizes the Board President or his designee to take all actions and do all things necessary to retain the services of an Interim Superintendent of Schools for the Teaneck School District as soon as possible.


The contract signed by the BOE (available here) says:

The parties also agree that the Board shall not hold any discussions or take any negative action regarding the Superintendent’s employment, unless Dr. Irving is given written notice at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. In addition, the Board shall not hold any discussions with regard to Dr. Irving’s performance, or that may adversely affect Dr. Irving’s employment, in public session, unless Dr. Irving requests that such discussions be held in public session, pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act.
(Article V, Section C on p. 12)

So, if you think the BOE will be forthcoming with answers, I’d like you to be prepared for some bad news.

Additional Positions To Be Vacated

I’ve been informed that the Superintendent and the Business Administrator are not the only positions to have openings come September.

Stay tuned for announcements

There’s a silver lining though.

The Board remains committed to its goals, as evidenced on the agenda, including:

GOAL 3: The Teaneck Public Schools will execute effective communications and solidify quality relationships with educational partners within and throughout the community.

So, there’s that.

Zoom information to speak at the meeting appears below:

Board of Education Special Public Meeting on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 8:00pm
All Public Comments must be made in person or submitted prior to the opening of the public portion:

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