Road Priority List for Teaneck

For those interested, here is the current list (as of last week 5/7/18) for priority road resurfacing in town.

In response to your OPRA request wherein you requested, “the current list of priority for road resurfacing for all roads in town”, please see the most current listing which has been provided by the Department of Public Works.

I have created the map below to try to visualize what we have done in the past.  This map identifies roads which have repaved between 2015 and 2017


Thank you to Tom Abbott for pointing out the Township Manager’s Road Resurfacing Report:

Roads are graded from 1 – 3, with 3 being the
 Survey of existing conditions
 Roadway use – Main, Secondary, and Tertiary
 Drivability of Road
 Deterioration of surface
 Spider Cracking
 Potholes and Causation
 When road last paved

2016-09-27_Township Manager's Road Resurfacing Report