Road Repaving

2021 Road Resurfacing

This year, the township will be paving 21,536 linear feet of road surfaces.  The information on which roads will be paved can be found below.  

In addition, the map below contains road repaving information for the following years:

Purple: 2021 road repaving
Blue: 2020 road repaving
: 2019 road repaving
Yellow: 2018 road repaving (continued from 2017)
Yellow: 2017 road repaving (continued into 2018)
Orange: 2016 road repaving
Red: 2015 road repaving

These may be subject to change and the post will be updated if / when changes come in.

The 2021 Road Repaving Schedule will be posted below (please note some updates are possibly being made)

2021 Roadway Resurfacing Program

(link to town website) to be updated 

Here is the tentative schedule(Weather Permitting) for 2021 Roadway resurfacing program.
Please call 201-345-4647 Option 4 if you have any issue that requires Community Liaison’s Support.