Washington Place Traffic Study and Police Reports

The Teaneck Police Department was asked to conduct a report as to traffic and safety on Washington Place.

Here are the findings:

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, the Traffic Bureau was asked to conduct a speed survey on Washington Place. This request was prompted by a resident’s email that claimed that there was a speeding problem and that vehicles were traveling the wrong way on a one-way street. Continue reading “Washington Place Traffic Study and Police Reports”

East Tryon Avenue Traffic Study and Police Reports

The Teaneck Police Department was asked to conduct a report as to traffic and safety on East Tryon Avenue (between Teaneck Road and Crescent Avenue).

Here are the findings:

On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Traffic Bureau was asked to conduct a speed survey on East Tryon Avenue between Teaneck Road and Crescent Avenue. This request was prompted by an East Tryon Avenue resident that was concerned about a speeding problem. The resident stated their concerns in an email to Councilman Keith Kaplan. Continue reading “East Tryon Avenue Traffic Study and Police Reports”

Suez Service Work Schedule for July, 2020

SUEZ Work Schedule

Please be advised that SUEZ will be working on Test Pits, Saw Cutting, and Services throughout the Township over the next 2 weeks beginning Monday, July 20th.

You can find this information on the Township Website here: Suez Work Schedule

You can find the same information on the map and chart below (enter address to search)

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What would you prefer: Concrete vs Blacktop?

Some roads in town are concrete.  Others are blacktop.  Every now and then, you’ll find one that’s still gravel.

What gives?

The History of Road Surfacing in Teaneck

The difference in pricing and the durability of the materials are significant factors in how we chose to surface roadways.  Concrete road surfaces can last nearly 100 years, while blacktop may need to be milled and re-paved every few decades.

How did they choose?

If you had your choice (but had to pay for it), what would you choose?  Would the amount of time you were planning to live on your street be a factor?

Believe it or not, that was the case. The passage below is from May 5, 1936: Continue reading “What would you prefer: Concrete vs Blacktop?”


Pursuant to the authority vested in me under the Council-Manager Plan, N.J.S.A. 40:69A81, et. seq., and Chapter 29, Section 7 of the Code of the Township of Teaneck, I issue the following Executive Order:

WHEREAS, in consultation with and at the recommendation of, Township of Teaneck Health Officer Ken Katter, Police Chief Glenn O’Reilly, and OEM Director Larry Robertson.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Dean B. Kazinci, as Township Manager, do hereby order and direct that:

1. All Township of Teaneck Parking Restrictions which were previously lifted on March 15, 2020 as per Executive Order T2020-01 will now go into effect at midnight on Monday, June 15, 2020.

2. A copy of this Executive Order shall be immediately transmitted to the Council of the Township of Teaneck.

Dean B. Kazinci
Township Manager
Dated: June 3, 2020
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Even More Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Despite the pandemic, the Township has been able to upgrade pedestrian safety throughout Town.

Here’s a sample of the new crosswalk striping (now with a bit of color to help drivers and pedestrians) and LED signage on Sussex Rd. at Billington (near the Rt. 4 bus stop):

The following actions were taken (or scheduled to be taken):

Solar Powered Radar Signs (3 machines)

  • Palisade by Votee
  • Windsor Road
  • Sussex Road (Scheduled)

Safety Striping

  • Park Avenue
  • Sussex Road

Pedestrian LED Crossing Signs (11 sets)

  • Queen Anne and Edgemont
  • West Englewood and Jefferson
  • West Englewood and Pennington
  • West Englewood and Palisade Avenue
  • Glenwood Avenue by Little League Field
  • Cedar Lane and Grange
  • River Road and Terhune
  • Teaneck and Sackville (Scheduled)
  • Teaneck Road and Vandelinda (Scheduled)
  • Billington and Sussex (Scheduled)
  • Van Cortland and Intervale (Scheduled

Rapid Flashing Beacons (5 sets)

  • FDU Repaired and replaced batteries
  • Cedar Lane and Chadwick
  • Windsor Road (2 sets will be installed when new crosswalks completed)
  • Teaneck Road and Franklin (Scheduled)
  • Teaneck Road and Oakdene (Scheduled)
  • Location to be determined

More Pedestrian Flashing Beacons

Additional Rapid Flashing Beacons Added

More Pedestrian Flashing Beacons

As mentioned a couple week ago, the Township has been working on several safety projects.  In addition to the installation of Pedestrian Flashing beacons on West Englewood Avenue in the area of Jefferson Street and traffic calming measures, such as the striping of Sussex and Garrison Avenues, we have now installed Pedestrian Flashing Beacons on West Englewood Avenue in the area of Pennington Road.

You can see the new systems below.

The council and manager are committed to ensuring that appropriate safety precautions are made in various areas of the Municipality.

If you have any recommendations, please feel free to reach out and we can ask the Teaneck Police Department Traffic Bureau to investigate the possibility

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Additional Rapid Flashing Beacons Added

The Township has been working to analyze potential areas for safety improvements.  As mentioned, a new striping plan (including crosswalks at Billington for Belle Ave bus users) is currently being finalized.

In addition, as per the results from several Police Studies and in conjunction with input from residents and organizations, we have been deploying Automatic Rapid Flashing Beacons at busy intersections.

The latest appear on Queen Anne Road by Edgemont in the vicinity of Congregation Beth Aaron.

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Sussex Road Re-Striping Plan

As readers of the blog will recall, traffic calming measures to slow speeding cars require a lot of study and preparation.

After meeting with Police and reviewing data from Garrison Avenue striping, Deputy Mayor Schwartz and Councilman Kaplan are please to announce new striping plans along Sussex Road.  These plans will change the feel of the roadway, in order to slow down traffic and maintain parking for those living nearby.

2020-04-28_SUSSEX RD-TP-3-6-20